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It's been a crazy couple of weeks.  Alice has had a couple of Chemo treatments, and so far, things are improving.  She's catting much better than she was.  She's still got a ways to go, but the light seems to be back in her eyes and she's getting more demanding again, too.  

I've had some more dental work done (3 more fillings in my face which now brings me to a total of 6 as of now) and I have to go back in next month for even more, but that should be the last of it for a while. *crosses fingers*

My brain squirrels have been mostly quiet, but there's still some pangs of anxiety about some issues that are totally my issues and not anyone else's, but they are anxieties about others.  I keep reminding myself that these things are MY issues so I am aware of them and try not to let the anxieties bleed over onto others.  They don't deserve that crazy on them.  Mostly, all of my anxiety issues are around my perceived worth to the people around me that I have relationships with (friends, etc.).  

Surf on the Washington coast was only good on the days I COULD have gone on a day where I HAD to be at home to help with Alice, so I haven't gotten out to surf in quite a while.  I keep hoping another good weekend day will come up, but it's definitely not happening this weekend.

Sorry this post is all over the place.  I seem to have a lot on my mind...

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 So, I live with cats, all of which are not mine.  But that doesn't mean I'm not theirs.  Alice has always been a lovely cat.  I've known her much longer than the year I've been living with her.  She's taken to following me down to my room when I get home from work and demanding I sit on my bed quietly with her, giving her pets.  I've grown very fond of her.

She now has cancer.  And I'm not coping well.  Tomorrow she goes back into the vet tomorrow to see what kind of cancer it is.  The cancer is in her stomach and there's really only two types it could be at this point, and all signs point to Lymphoma in her stomach.  She got a feeding tube put in over the weekend this last weekend.  That's been an interesting experience, let me tell you.

So, I'm watching her owner try to deal with this and be tortured by this but doing the best they can for Alice, always keeping Alice in mind.  I'm trying to be strong in front of her and in front of Alice and I can feel a breakdown on the horizon.  I stayed home from work yesterday which meant that I got to help with feeding (through the tube) and I also got extra cuddles from Alice.  It was needed.

Today I find myself back at work today and the tears are waiting just behind my eyes, waiting at any moment to push forward and drench my face.  If you know of the situation and you know of the owner please be kind there, and also to me.  Again, not my cat, but how can I not love her?
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Saturday I ended up not going surfing. The report changed for the worse Saturday morning but I was still going to give it a shot. Went to pick up my dear friend and she was having some serious health issues. We were visiting before I was going to go and I realized that she may want company while she was not feeling well. So I offered to stay and had a really good time watching BSG and talking with her. Wouldn't trade that day for anything in the world. It was a good one.

Sunday started with me getting some drum time in with RockBand. Everything was going GREAT until...

That is one broken pedalAnd that's one broken pedal right there.  I'd been playing for a couple of hours and was in the middle of a track when the pedal felt funny and stopped triggering notes and you can see why. About this, I talked to a friend of mine and he said that with the way it broke, he could probably come up with a fix pretty easily.  In addition, one of my RockBand Crew (in game thing) members mentioned having an extra one of these and would be happy to ship it from Vermont if I could pay shipping.  So, YAY, getting this one fixed and getting a replacement!  I am a fan of extra parts!

Monday came and went mostly uneventfully.  Half my tongue is still pretty tingly (mostly not numb but still slightly numb) from all the dental work I've had.  I actually don't mind the tingly so much, it's the fact that flavors have changed.  And now, I really can't stand the taste of my own mouth.  I brush and this taste won't go away.  I use Altoids and they cover that for a while.  I had a chat with the dentist's office on Tuesday and they said that I should try some Vitamin B Complex for that.  It's supposed to help.  I'll be getting to the store in the next day or so to pick some up so we'll see how that goes.

Tuesday also brought some home networking challenges.  The PlayStation downstairs has been having some fits with the network.  Getting network connectivity to the room where it lives downstairs has been problematic at best.  Put a WiFi extender in the room next to the PlayStation room and that worked for a bit until that room was re-organized and a metal filing cabinet (aka Faraday cage) was put right in front of the repeater.  I managed to fix this by plugging a power strip into the wall behind the cabinet and putting the strip on top of the cabinet and plugging the WiFi extender into that.  It's an okay solution but I've got some other things in mind to help that out.

Today has been pretty straightforward so far.  
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My go-box is packed. It just needs to be put in the car. My board needs to be strapped to the top of the car. I will be going to bed early tonight and getting up in the wee hours of the morning. I will be picking up Inky and then, THE COAST!  Looks like it's going to be pretty damn awesome.  I'll have good company and there are snacks for after throwing myself into the ocean.  

Tomorrow's Surf Report for Westport:
Chest to shoulder high W medium period swell.

Semi glassy in the morning with SE winds less than 5mph. Semi glassy/semi bumpy conditions for the afternoon with the winds shifting to the SW.  Water temperature 58°.

Low: 12:55 AM 2.63 ft 12:58 PM 0.59 ft
High: 06:48 AM 6.64 ft 07:59 PM 7.97 ft

6amSE 1mphW 5.3 ft @ 9sec
9amSE 1mphW 5.0 ft @ 9sec
12pmWSW 1mphW 4.8 ft @ 9sec
3pmSSW 4mphW 4.6 ft @ 9sec

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So, one of the tasks I have at work is going through our spam filter to see if there are any REAL messages that got caught. Doing so today, I came across a couple of subject lines that had my imagination going. Not going to open the spam, but...

"Woman caught on the street getting coffee..."

Like, was she not supposed to be on the street? Is she a dungeon prisoner? Is she not allowed coffee? Is she Mormon? How did you catch her? A net? On camera? A net? I bet it was a net. Is getting coffee illegal?
So many questions.

"Hair gel regrows ALL your hair"
I don't want it to regrow ALL my hair. I'm like a hairy guy. That'd just be awkward. All that extra nose and ear hair... Will my existing hair grow more? Will my arm hair become a pelt? Will my leg hair become a carpet? That would be a nightmare. I'd look like a damn werewolf or a bear or something.
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Friday: Def Leppard Concert
This was awesome! Went with good friends (friends who are especially fun to go to concerts with) and had a fantastic time.

Saturday: Birthday Party for Byron
This, too, was awesome! There was great food (seriously, really fantastic food made by many kitchen staff) and wonderful conversation as well.

Sunday: Home
Was going to play video games, but was too exhausted from the weekend to really put in any time. Also super stressed about the dentist on Monday.

Monday: Dentist
This was NOT a good day but it wasn't bad. The right side of my mouth had deep cleaning. Took about 2 hours. Was unpleasant, but not super bad. Had my headphones and listened to the new Green Day album, which was super helpful.

Tuesday: A Day of Rest (so to speak)
Tuesday was a pretty normal day - went to work. Built a new DNS server and retired the old one. At home after, it was a relaxing night, lounging with the giant cats of the house, and the not so giant one. And that was good, because...

Wednesday (today): Dentist
Had the right side of my mouth deep cleaned today. All the anesthetic has kind of messed me up for today. My focus is shot all to hell, and it's really kind of a challenge to work today, but I got this. I also suspect that, due to some issues during the cleaning, my adrenaline was way up and I am now working on coming down off that. I suspect that I will be sleeping well and maybe early tonight.

So tired...
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I am so twitchy right now. I want my work day to be done and over. Tonight I get the joy of hanging out with a couple of WONDERFUL friends who are taking me to see Def Leppard! I am SO EXCITED!

This will be the 5th time I've seen Def Leppard, the 3rd time I've seen Tesla and the 1st time I've seen Poison! I'm really not sure how I managed to get this far in my life and haven't seen Poison live. But that will change tonight.

I hope everyone has as good a start to their weekend as I'm going to have.
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Who just remembered he has a Dreamwidth account. If you guessed "this Hufflepuff" you got it in one.
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[livejournal.com profile] lovelyangel, I hope your birthday is amazing and that your next year is filled with joy and wonder!

Happy Birthday!
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You may or may not have noticed, but I haven't posted photos here in a bit.  I've been in a bit of a funk recently when it comes to taking pictures.  It's been difficult to even pick up the camera. [livejournal.com profile] copperwise asked me to take some pictures of some things she's working on while I was down there visiting for Christmas.  While setting up I managed to drop my camera, and while the body is okay, the lens on the camera most certainly is not.  The optics are okay, but the mechanics (auto-focus, image stabilization, zoom) are all but dead.  I got done with the shoot and went to load the photos onto my USB drive -- the one that I've been putting photos on for the last three years.  Well, I managed to drop the drive.  Two different computers will not recognize the drive now.

I think the universe may be telling me something about taking pictures.  I think it's time to let it go, not stress about it and come back to it at a later time.  


Nov. 12th, 2014 11:30 am
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Robin - a new photo by Ryan Nutick via Tanuki Photography

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The Oregon Coast -  a new photo by Ryan Nutick via Tanuki Photography

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Guiding Light - a new photo by Ryan Nutick via Tanuki Photography

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This last weekend, I went surfing for my second time ever.

The trip started by driving to Portland on Friday and staying the night there before moving on to Newport.  The drive from Portland to Newport was so beautiful.  The evergreen trees mixed in with those just starting to change color.  Traffic was moving along pretty well.  It made for a very nice drive with Mia, Liz and Magick.

We rolled into the surf shop, got fitted into an O'Neil wetsuit with boots and a good.  Was told which board outside would be mine (#29 for those who want that amount of detail) and then met my instructor, Ron.  We talked a bit.  Found out that he's been surfing for 40(ish) years now.

When I went outside to grab my board, I was a bit surprised (but not too much) at the size of the board they had me on.  The thing was about 3 1/2 to 4 feet wide and about 9 feet long.  It was awe inspiring.  I picked the thing up and we all waked down to the beach from the shop (which included crossing a very busy highway - and this is where we learn our first surf lesson - patience).

Ron's wife came with us and on the way down to the beach, Ron shares that his wife didn't start surfing until she turned 55.  It was something that, while I didn't need to hear to be encouraged to do this thing, really helped in my mind.  We stopped down on the beach briefly to talk about a couple safety things (when you fall, come up out of the water with hands waving around to protect your head, etc.) and then headed right into the water.

The weather (to me) was absolutely beautiful.  It was about 56 degrees and cloudy.  The water temperature was 50 degrees.  I felt the cold when I first got in, but warmed up quickly -- thank you wet suit technology.  I didn't need to worry about sunscreen, and the water, once I got adjusted, felt wonderful!

Ron showed me some tricks on how to handle the board in the water to keep control of it while working through the waves and waiting to catch one.  These are things that I used out there and also tucked away for later use as well.

They way things would go, we'd see a good wave coming in, I'd lay down on the board and start paddling and Ron would give me a push - I'd go, try to stand (or at least get to a comfortable position on the board), Ron would be yelling encouragement all the time I'm trying to get to my feet, I'd fall off, and then work my way back to where Ron was to do it again.  The first few times were all about finding balance - feeling how the board moved in the water, etc.  It felt like I was getting to my left foot before the wave petered out or I caught the edge and fell or put the nose in the water and lost momentum.

After a bit, Ron would push a little less and let me paddle to catch the waves a bit more. And then I caught my first wave all by myself.  It was all, paddle-paddle-paddle-paddle and then feel the wave start pushing me along.  That was my first real success / improvement over the first time I went surfing.  Improvement.  It was such a big thing to me.  While I didn't stand on that particular ride, I was still super stoked to have gotten that far.

A few more rides like that and I was starting to get more comfortable on the board.  It was feeling better and finally I was able to stand for my first time.  I was only up for a second or two that time, and I fell over backwards because my feet were not center on the board, but a win is a win.  I stood up for my first time.

I tried a few more times, but was getting winded, so we went to shore, took a break and talked about technique, about how I was feeling, what I was getting from the board and such, and got some great advice.  It was really great, being able to pick Ron's brain about technique and Ron was just so damn encouraging, I couldn't help but feel like I really COULD do this.

We headed back out for more of the same, all the while my arms are starting to get tired. Tried several more times, with varrying levels of success.  One time I managed to get up on my knees with my arms straight out and I rode for quite a bit on that!  That was an epic feeling that just fueled me more.  A few more times of falling, catching a couple of my own waves without a push, and then...  I got a wave, it felt right, I got my left foot up, put my right hand flat on the board for balance, got my right foot behind me and then... I stood up.  I didn't fall off right away.  While it felt to me like I was up FOREVER, it was probably only about 10 seconds or so, but I STOOD for my second time, this time with balance.  It was AWESOME!

A few more tries didn't yeild any more success, but I am not disappointed about that in the slightest.  My arms were rubber noodles.  Finally, I caught the last wave by myself, and just laid on the board and let it take me almost all the way to shore (which was something I almost got on my first surfing trip back in August but not quite).  On shore, and heading back to the surf shop to turn in my gear, Ron told me that he thinks I'm ready to do this thing without lessons, just get out and keep working at it.  I was (and still am) super encouraged by this.

Through our talking, I told him what Mia had told me about me learning to surf.  And for those who haven't heard me talk about this point, she's promised that if I actually learn to surf, where I'm going "outside" catching my waves and able to ride them with sufficient profficiency, she'd buy me a custom board.  Ron tells me he knows a guy there in Newport that shapes custom long boards for guys like me and gave me the contact information.  He also gave me his own phone number and said that if I'm ever in town and want to catch some waves to give him a call and we'd go out.

Two days out from the surf lessons, I'm still a bit stiff and sore, but I would not trade this feeling right now for anything in the world.  At this point, I don't know when I'm going to be going surfing again, but I hope it's soon.

Now I'm off to shop for wet suits, because I don't need to rent those things forever...


Sep. 3rd, 2014 10:27 am
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Lush - a new photo by Ryan Nutick via Tanuki Photography


Aug. 27th, 2014 09:18 am
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Journey - A new photo by Ryan Nutick via Tanuki Photography

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A Little Help - a new photo by Ryan Nutick via Tanuki Photography


Jul. 23rd, 2014 09:06 am
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Playful - a new photo by Ryan Nutick via Tanuki Photography


Jul. 16th, 2014 11:09 am
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Compassion - A new photo by Ryan Nutick via Tanuki Photography

Kiss Me

Jul. 9th, 2014 10:16 am
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Kiss Me - a new photo by Ryan Nutick via Tanuki Photography


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