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Birthdate:Feb 4
Location:Washington, United States of America
Tanuki_green is currently working on his masters degree in the field of electromagnetic lint theory. His pan-dimensional belly-button to clothing dryer lint theory is going to revolutionize science as we know it. In his spare time, he can be found galavanting around a Japanese garden, air guitaring in his living room, practicing Taiko, occasionally writing poems or short stories and performing appendectomies on naked mole rats.

He lives in a hobbit hole with his furry horde.

Interests (150):

acting, alternate history, anime, ari berk, arthur dent, as time goes by, astrology, bagpipes, berkeley breathed, big fish, bill engvall, billy joel, boiled in lead, bonsai, books, borderlands, bordertown, brian froud, cats, cats laughing, celtic mythology, celtic rock, charles de lint, chimera fancies, chocolate, coffee, coffee drinking, comedy, comic books, computer games, computers, creativity, creepy susie, dark fantasy, def leppard, digital photography, dirk gently, doctor who, dogs, douglas adams, dreams underfoot, drums, elves, emma bull, empire records, endicott studio, england, faerie, faerie worlds, faeries, faery, fairies, fairy tales, fantasy, fantasy and sci-fi, fantasy literature, fantasy novels, firelord, folk rock, ford prefect, gaia consort, garlic, gowan, great big sea, green man review, guinness, haiku, hair bands, hayao miyazaki, heather alexander, holly black, hoodoo engineering, humor, infinite improbability drive, interstitial, kan'nal, keeping up appearances, kiki's delivery service, kissing, lightning, magical realism, martial arts, mockumentaries, monty python, movies, my neighbor totoro, mythology, neil gaiman, netflix, nina kiriki hoffman, omsi, opus the penguin, oregon coast, origami, oysterband, paganism, paranormal, parke godwin, photography, pinky and the brain, plush cthulhu, polyamory, pom poko, portland taiko, powells books, princess mononoke, puns, r. a. macavoy, rock 'n' roll, rosemary and rue, s00j, sarcasm, science fiction, scotland, seattle seahawks, shotokan karate, silly wizard, so i married an axe murderer, spiderwick, spirited away, spirituality, starlight, storytelling, styx, susan cooper, sushi, sylvia beach hotel, taiko, tears for beers, technology, terri windling, the 10th kingdom, the endicott studio, the princess bride, the vicar of dibley, thunderstorms, tithe, torchwood, tricky pixie, urban fantasy, urban legends, usagi yojimbo, utilikilts, website design, wicked fairy apologists, wicked tinkers, will shetterly, witchcraft, young adult fiction, young adult literature
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