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Saturday I ended up not going surfing. The report changed for the worse Saturday morning but I was still going to give it a shot. Went to pick up my dear friend and she was having some serious health issues. We were visiting before I was going to go and I realized that she may want company while she was not feeling well. So I offered to stay and had a really good time watching BSG and talking with her. Wouldn't trade that day for anything in the world. It was a good one.

Sunday started with me getting some drum time in with RockBand. Everything was going GREAT until...

That is one broken pedalAnd that's one broken pedal right there.  I'd been playing for a couple of hours and was in the middle of a track when the pedal felt funny and stopped triggering notes and you can see why. About this, I talked to a friend of mine and he said that with the way it broke, he could probably come up with a fix pretty easily.  In addition, one of my RockBand Crew (in game thing) members mentioned having an extra one of these and would be happy to ship it from Vermont if I could pay shipping.  So, YAY, getting this one fixed and getting a replacement!  I am a fan of extra parts!

Monday came and went mostly uneventfully.  Half my tongue is still pretty tingly (mostly not numb but still slightly numb) from all the dental work I've had.  I actually don't mind the tingly so much, it's the fact that flavors have changed.  And now, I really can't stand the taste of my own mouth.  I brush and this taste won't go away.  I use Altoids and they cover that for a while.  I had a chat with the dentist's office on Tuesday and they said that I should try some Vitamin B Complex for that.  It's supposed to help.  I'll be getting to the store in the next day or so to pick some up so we'll see how that goes.

Tuesday also brought some home networking challenges.  The PlayStation downstairs has been having some fits with the network.  Getting network connectivity to the room where it lives downstairs has been problematic at best.  Put a WiFi extender in the room next to the PlayStation room and that worked for a bit until that room was re-organized and a metal filing cabinet (aka Faraday cage) was put right in front of the repeater.  I managed to fix this by plugging a power strip into the wall behind the cabinet and putting the strip on top of the cabinet and plugging the WiFi extender into that.  It's an okay solution but I've got some other things in mind to help that out.

Today has been pretty straightforward so far.  


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