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Friday: Def Leppard Concert
This was awesome! Went with good friends (friends who are especially fun to go to concerts with) and had a fantastic time.

Saturday: Birthday Party for Byron
This, too, was awesome! There was great food (seriously, really fantastic food made by many kitchen staff) and wonderful conversation as well.

Sunday: Home
Was going to play video games, but was too exhausted from the weekend to really put in any time. Also super stressed about the dentist on Monday.

Monday: Dentist
This was NOT a good day but it wasn't bad. The right side of my mouth had deep cleaning. Took about 2 hours. Was unpleasant, but not super bad. Had my headphones and listened to the new Green Day album, which was super helpful.

Tuesday: A Day of Rest (so to speak)
Tuesday was a pretty normal day - went to work. Built a new DNS server and retired the old one. At home after, it was a relaxing night, lounging with the giant cats of the house, and the not so giant one. And that was good, because...

Wednesday (today): Dentist
Had the right side of my mouth deep cleaned today. All the anesthetic has kind of messed me up for today. My focus is shot all to hell, and it's really kind of a challenge to work today, but I got this. I also suspect that, due to some issues during the cleaning, my adrenaline was way up and I am now working on coming down off that. I suspect that I will be sleeping well and maybe early tonight.

So tired...
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Perhaps too right.

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Perhaps too right.


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